Just a few miles up the road, the City of Coventry was devastated on this date.    Not sure whether we've got a correct sense of perspective in this one  

Pure magic.

Nothing to add to  this very rare sign in Somerset.

Leamington Spa

Wookey Hole

King John's warning sign  -  a giant bed bug !

Don't stay too long in this town  -  you could go home with more than you came with.

Another war curiosity, this time dedicated to Cyclists.

But did the Great War really finish in 1919?



A most bizarre story here based on the village bakery.   The idea was to show the cost of bread in the village, based on the old measurement of a gallon.   What fascinates me is the most recent price installed at the Millenium, still based on gallons.

Great Wishford

Part Two starts with a horror story and moves swiftly on to a study of some amazing epitaphs, real and fictional.  Public sundials are next on the menu followed by a quest for the source of the River Thames and we end with a pot pourri of odd and curious items all waiting to tell their story.

The Black Dog of Bungay which killed many parishioners in church during a severe thunderstorm in 1577.

The dog from hell ! !

"Let Posterity know and, in knowing, be Astonished ....."  Bit full of himself, this old boy.

A totally over the top inscription showing where the first hot air balloon landed.


Colliers End

Three or four of these signs remain along the sea front.  A reminder of the days when there was a large TB hospital at the end of the esplanade.

An unlikely combination of skills here.        



In my opinion, these are the finest epitaphs to be found.

Thomas Scaife's draws similarities between the locomotives he worked on and his own frail body and life.  Very, very long and almost pathetic in the continued use of punned words.


"Drink Strong or none at all."


A pub sign for "The Three Willows" depicts three cricket players over the years - isn't that W G Grace?

Very striking  -  knocks the rest for six ! !



The house on the right is directly opposite the Mermaid Inn. The house name says it all, doesn't it? You will also find "The House with the Seat" and "The House with Two Front Doors."

Just two of several curious house names in the Mermaid Street area.  The left hand sign is a result of people going to the wrong house and being re-directed by its aggrieved owner to the Other House !



           Tales of the Unexpected

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A rather different collection of the curious and odd items we find around us which includes a number of unexpected twists designed to keep the audience on their toes.

Part One takes us back to the early days of motoring which leads us into the darker days of war.  This is followed by a look at heroes, a couple of stories about bread, one or two churches and finishes with a number of fascinating buildings concluding with a real grudge match involving the local vicar’s cat ! ! !  

This garage has been in a time warp. The only things that have changed are the petrol pumps.

I think this is now a restaurant.  

You could be sent down under just for tagging this bridge.

Does the punishment really fit the crime?


Sturminster Newton

Someone was trying to make life difficult for early travellers.  If we must put up milestones, let's make them difficult to understand.

(Distances to London were measured to the church of Bow Bells.)

A charming summer house on the Norfolk Broads.

This used to be a helter skelter ride at Great Yarmouth.


   Potter Heigham

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Must fill up before it goes up again ! ! !

(A gallon of bread mix is supposed to bake eight standard loaves - does that help?)

I suppose building kitchen units and coffins do have their similarities !  

Opinion is split as to what was the real reason for the boiler explosion which killed these two  - were they drunk and were messing about ?

Could this be an early advert for Strong's Ales?

I certainly don't like the sound of "cold small beer" ! !