Another deliberate pun, this time recalling the avalanche at Christmas in 1836.

Definitely a Snow Drop.

Not a pub sign but well worth a butcher's if you are in the Thame area.


Long Crendon

Once upon a time, there were two hotels next door to each other.  Regular visitors normally stayed at the same one each time but there would be times when this one was full and they had to stay next door.  Here they met new friends and colleagues and exchanged stories over a pint or seven, the stories becoming more and more imaginary as the beer slipped down.

What a Cock and Bull story ! !

Stony Stratford

Stony Stratford

Oh dear !

Whatever's going on here?

Nothing more than an unfortunate placing of signs on this seafront loo.  

This spinney depicting Concorde was built to commemorate the decision not to build London's third airport on their doorstep.



Part Two commences with a bridge or two moving on to Street Furniture which incorporates old road signs, post boxes, lamps, milestones and signs. We finish with a look at old and interesting houses and buildings concluding with two or three genuine eccentrics and the havoc they can cause

The architect of this bridge, Tierney Clarke, went on to build an identical bridge, only a lot larger, across the Danube in Budapest.

A feat of Victorian construction by the great man, Isombard Kingdom Brunel.

The dimensions of this bridge have never been repeated.



Don't they make a nice couple standing together?

They could almost be male and female but I know they are both mail  boxes ! !

Any one fancy a bit of leg?  Too late.

This distateful advert for a french cinema was pulled down many years ago.

Can can you believe it?



A lovely nostalgic shop front reconstruction.

Upstairs, there's a little museum of W H Smith bits and pieces.

There's an old mill by the stream, Nellie Dean.

I kid you not.  

This is it.

Newtown, Powys


Reproduction of a bill for repair works to a church monument.

A fascinating village museum of stone and monumental masonry.


Great Bedwyn, Nr Hungerford

One of the most eccentric practices I have ever seen takes place in the Market Square.  To celebrate important Royal events, the Mayor and members of the Council - all dressed in their finest robes - climb up on to the roof of County Hall and chuck some 3,000 plus buns through the air landing on the assembled multitude below.

The last throwing commemorated the Queen's Diamond Jubillee in 2012. Any one for a bun fight?



       In Town Tonight - That’s Odd

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A further look at the curious and odd things around us, this time found in many of our towns.  Background music comes from the theme tunes of the early days of black and white television and fifties wireless programmes.

Part One looks at pubs and the way pub signwriters introduce their sense of humour into their work.  We then move on to some weird and wonderful monuments which adorn our towns finishing with a miscellany of strange and curious items.

One pub sign  -  two different pictures showing alternative versions of the White Admiral.

There are several more pubs in Harlow based on butterflies with a punned version on the other face.



Nice variation on the "New Laid Egg" theme.

Regrettably, the sign has now been removed.

Outside the Corn Exchange. An open market flourished and, after the mandatory haggling and bartering, payment was made "on the Nail"  -  the name given to these strange brass pillars.

Chalfont St Giles


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Does anybody have any additional information on this? Did it really exist?

It is at the museum opposite.

Headstones, bits of statues, epitaphs, bills, the Last Supper.

Go and visit  -  incredible !