Part One covers our voyages in the North Island starting at Auckland and travelling to Manaia and Harewa in the shadow of Mount Taranaki, Wanganui and Hastings.  A short journey takes you to the highlight of my visit, an indepth study of the Art Deco Capital of the World  -  Napier.

The show concludes in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington.

T h e l a n d l o r d ' s w if e m o a n e d a n d n a g g e d s o m u c h t h a t h e c u t h e r h e a d o ff w it h a s w o r d .

P e a c e  -   p e rf e c t p e a c e ! !

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Part Two commences with a sequence of Curiosities in New Zealand which includes a couple of bizarre images and a lady who plants shoes in her front garden.  We continue the voyage in the South Island taking in Christchurch and Queenstown with views over Milford Sound before returning north via Lake Taupo to end the tour in one of New Zealand's most popular and definitely most smelly towns  -  Rotorua

       16 Days in New Zealand

This is a travel show with a difference.  It shows what can be achieved in a very short time and includes the reason for my visit in late 2003 along with a short sequence of offbeat photographs which I have titled "Curiosities in New Zealand."

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